4 Helpful Tips for New Bloggers

The beginning of October also means that six months have passed since I began blogging! I looked at the blog’s analytics today and I have attracted just about 1000 website visitors with around 3600 views this year. Which is pretty cool! I am not sure how these numbers compare to others’ but it is fun for me to see the numbers regardless. When I started blogging, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I wanted to share some meaningful tips to consider if you are a new blogger getting started too or are interested in maybe starting a blog in the future.

4 Helpful Tips:

1. BE AUTHENTIC. Show that you are a living breathing human behind the screen. You are going to attract more meaningful interactions with your readers when they have a sense of you!  Think of your personal favorite bloggers or vloggers and think about what you like about them. I think people love following bloggers who are particularly good at expressing their passions and reading pieces with personality and bits of humor.

2. CONTENT. Create meaningful content. Before every post, I like to reflect to myself “how is this post going to help someone” or “what is the value in this post”. Any style blogger could blog about their outfit and link to the website they bought their clothing from. But what are you going to do to add value?

3. SHARE. Don’t be afraid to share! Not every one is going to like what you post and that is okay! Ultimately, a personal blog is YOUR creative outlet. This is also related to the first tip of authenticity. Share about yourself because your readers will connect with you. You are putting content out into the world that would not have existed without you!

4. RESOURCES. Use the many resources available to you on the internet to learn more. You can learn about the different blog platforms by watching YouTube videos,  following bloggers you like on Instagram to see what they’re doing differently, invite someone you know who has a blog to coffee to find out how they got started, search “how-to’s” on LinkedIn blogs etc.