Street Style for less than $100

On Sunday a couple of girlfriends and I went on a day trip to Vancouver BC to do a little shopping and exploration. We treated ourselves to some good drinks, cookies from Laduree & spent some time at the brand new Aritizia…*insert heart eyes emoji*. After shopping for hourse, I was able to pick up this entire outfit for less than $100.

Body Suit – $12.90 Cardigan – $17.90 Shorts – $5 Shoes – $19.99 Cross-Body Bag – $29.95

~ Wardrobe Tips to Save Money~

  • When you start to feel the classic feeling of “I have nothing to wear”, go to your closet & try to mix & match pieces you haven’t worn together before
  • Clean out your closet, get your friends together & swap clothes that you have become bored with
  • Shop second hand or at discount stores so you get more bang for your buck! I love digging through racks at Plato’s Closet
  • Reinvent your clothes! Old jeans to denim shorts, concert tees to distressed crop tops, paint or dye your old white sneakers\


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